"PAC-MAN", " Ms.PAC-MAN", "PAC-MANIA", and "PAC-ATTACK" are included as bonuses.
To play, you need the "Namco Coins" that appears in the main story so do your best to collect them!

In Japan

Mount Usu and Oyama on Miyake Island erupts. A new denomination, the 2,000 yen bill, is issued along with a newly designed 500 yen coin. The Sydney Olympic Games begins, and Naoko Takahashi wins the gold medal in the Women's Marathon event among other Japanese athletes. The Internet Fair 2001 Japan is held.
「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」, 「Kamen Rider Kuuga」
「The Green Mile」, 「Mission: Impossible 2」, 「Whiteout」
Southern All Stars 「TSUNAMI」, Masaharu Fukuyama 「Sakurazaka」, Porno Graffiti 「Saudade」, SMAP 「Lion Heart」, Ken Hirai 「LAKuEN」